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A Snapshot of the Blueberry Industry

Through the Lens of Oregon Blueberry
(all statistics courtesy of USDA and UN Food and Agriculture)


Our Beginning

Oregon Blueberry enters the industry somewhat by accident. From a small planting of 5 acres resident on a newly acquired farm, the young company quickly gains an appreciation for the mighty blueberry. Much more acreage is added over the next ten years as consumer demand explodes.


Early Years in the Blueberry Industry

The U.S. and Canada produce approximately 92% of reported world blueberry production (65,000 metric tons). Most U.S. production comes from Maine, Michigan, and New Jersey. World production beyond North America is limited to Sweden, New Zealand, France, and Italy.


Oregon Blueberry Nursery Established

With an increasing expertise as blueberry farmers, Oregon Blueberry establishes its nursery to meet internal demand as well as demand from new growers entering the North American market. The nursery thrives as new fields of highbush blueberry spread across North America.


Continuing Industry Growth

Morocco enters the world market in a minor way but sets a course for growth that will be followed by other countries in coming years. The world production of blueberries expands 64% from 1980 led by 69% growth in the United States and 218% growth in Canada.


More Countries Enter the Global Market

The Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Mexico, Spain, and Uzbekistan enter the world market. World blueberry production expands to 146,000 metric tons.


Oregon Blueberry Establishes Its Own Breeding Trials

Bob Gabriel starts assembling a portfolio of genetic material and experimenting with crosses for what would later become the Oregon Blueberry plant breeding program.


World Blueberry Production Accelerates

Industry globalization continues to expand with 23 countries reporting blueberry production. World production climbs to 314,000 metric tons with North American production reaching 273,000 metric tons. U.S. production spreads from 6 states reporting production in 1980 to 14 states in 2010.


Global Berry Demand Grows

Blueberries are no longer the seasonal novelty that they were in the industry’s early days. Demand has grown internationally and with that demand, production has increased vastly to service the end consumer throughout the year. Today, Oregon Blueberry ships plant stock around the globe and has a dedicated genetics staff developing new varieties for a multitude of growing conditions. With trial fields spanning the climate characteristics of all blueberry producing countries, the company is striving to develop class leading varieties for growers in every market.

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After delivering plants, the team will follow back up on them 6 months or even 12 months later.” Not only are they extremely knowledgable and provide great service but their follow up care is excellent.

Suhk Bubra, BRGG Holdings from Chehalis, Washington

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